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For Our Planet
Crowne Plaza Geneva – Avenue Louis-Casaï 75-77, 1216 Cointrin, Geneva, Switzerland

sustainable development

We are a 100% non-smoking hotel


At Crowne Plaza Geneva, we use an online sustainability management tool, the IHG Green Engage™ system, to measure and minimise our impact on the local environment. It’s the IHG way of ensuring that our surroundings are preserved for everyone to enjoy.

Every Action Counts


By reusing towels, you can help save thousands of gallons of water and reduce the use of detergents. Please leave your towels hanging on the rack should you wish to reuse them. Otherwise, we will replace them with fresh ones for you.


Your bed linens are changed on the third day of your stay. However, you can request to have them changed at your convenience.


Thank you for placing your glass, PET bottles, or aluminum cans on the desk for us to recycle. A paper recycling bin is located on every guestroom floor.

Our Initiatives

Energy and Chemical Usage

We use solar panels which yields 100,000 kW of energy for water heating per year. That’s the equivalent of having 1,400 10W LED bulbs permanently lit for a year!

Our light bulbs are all energy-saving.

We use district heating (DHC) instead of the traditional heating system to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Our cleaning products are biodegradable. We also track and measure environmental impacts on their usage.

Waste Management and Reduction

We implement waste sorting and recycling programs for paper, glass, PET, used oil, food waste, batteries, just to name a few.

FSC-certified paper is used to produce our printed materials.

Food and Safety

As a certified Genève Région – Terre Avenir (GRTA) Ambassador, we use high-quality local food ingredients that are fresh, traceable, and emit low carbon footprints.

Our HACCP certification recognizes our commitment in ensuring that your food is prepared, transferred, and stored safely and healthily.