1 Scope of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale

The website https://geneva.crowneplaza.com/ is operated by InterContinental Hotels Group Services Company. The complete description of the product and gift voucher offers, the use of the websites and their products and services, as well as the intermediary services are governed exclusively by these General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter “GTCS”).

2 Services

A. Gift vouchers for activities

The Crowne Plaza Geneva proposes on its website offers, gift vouchers and gift boxes (containing gift vouchers) for these vouchers (the value of which is noted on the vouchers). The intermediary contract (for the activity) and the purchase contract (for the gift boxes) between InterContinental Genève and the purchaser come into effect when the purchaser confirms his/her order online. The offer made by InterContinental Genève is thus accepted.

3 Gift vouchers for activities

The gift voucher entitles its owner, after full payment of the order and during the period of validity, to book and carry out the activity of the gift voucher in question. The price and obvious conditions indicated at the time of ordering the gift voucher are binding. A gift voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of issue (purchase of the gift voucher). During the period of validity, the Crowne Plaza Geneva assumes the risk of an increase in the price of the offer. The expiry date of a gift voucher is indicated on the voucher. Gift vouchers are non-transferable. The value of the gift voucher may not be reimbursed in cash.

4 Description of offers

A. Gift vouchers for activities

The description of gift vouchers, offers and packages on the website are correct at the time of their creation. The content of the gift vouchers, offers and packages may be modified, however the Crowne Plaza Geneva endeavors to update the modifications in the general description. The images and videos used in connection with the gift vouchers, offers and packages are used solely to describe the activity in question.

5 Participation conditions, weather conditions and activity availability

Prerequisites are indicated in the description of the activity in question. These prerequisites are known to the owner of the gift voucher, and he or she assumes responsibility for meeting the minimum prerequisites in order to participate in the activity. In the event of non-fulfilment of the minimum prerequisites, a refund of the price of the activity is excluded. If participation in an activity is dependent on particular weather conditions, the purchaser will be informed of this in the activity description. It may be necessary to ask the Crowne Plaza Geneva about weather conditions shortly before participation, or even on the day itself. This information must be obtained by the owner of the gift voucher directly from the provider. Should the activity not be feasible due to weather conditions, the owner of the gift voucher can make a new reservation directly with the InterContinental Geneva. Participation in an activity is subject to availability; reservations must always be made directly between the owner of the gift voucher and InterContinental Genève. The owner of the gift voucher is obliged to take the gift voucher with him/her when carrying out the activity. If the owner of the gift voucher does not show up for a booked activity, the right to the service is lost.

6 Changes to services

Changes to the content of offers after the purchase of a gift voucher will only be made where necessary, provided that they are not substantial and that the overall content and course of the booked activity are not substantially altered.

7 Non-use of gift vouchers and cancellation

Cancellation or termination of the contract with the Crowne Plaza Geneva is excluded. In the event of non-participation in an activity during the period of validity, the amount paid will be forfeited. The owner of the gift voucher must make arrangements with the Crowne Plaza Geneva in good time concerning rescheduling and find out about any costs that may arise from rescheduling or cancellation at the last minute. Such arrangements must be made directly between the owner of the gift voucher and the Crowne Plaza Geneva. If such costs are required, the participant must pay them directly to the Crowne Plaza Geneva.

8 Prices

All prices are quoted in CHF (Swiss francs) and represent the final price including VAT. The Crowne Plaza Geneva reserves the right to make obvious pricing errors and changes.

9 Payment and delivery

All orders can be paid for by credit card (Mastercard or Visa). Data is transmitted online using SSL encryption. Each transaction is authorized online by the credit card company responsible. Buyers’ credit card numbers are not recorded by Crowne Plaza Geneva. The credit card account is debited upon completion of the order.

10 Applicable law

All disputes between the Crowne Plaza Geneva and a purchaser in connection with these GTC shall be governed by Swiss law. The present French version of the GCS is a translation of the English version. In the event of any contradiction with the original English version, the latter shall prevail.

11 Severability clause

Should individual provisions of these GTC be wholly or partially invalid and/or ineffective, the validity and/or effectiveness of the remaining provisions or parts of such remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. Invalid and/or ineffective provisions will be replaced by those which, in the most legally and economically efficient manner, most closely follow the meaning and purpose of the invalid and/or ineffective provisions. The same applies to any gaps in the regulations.